Restart of DD

Well.. We (my fair bride and I) have been discussing a restart of DD in our marriage.  We had a jerky restart with a play session which turned into a punishment session.  We’ve been reading contracts and other people’s experiences, trying to put together something that might help us be more consistent.

Today we had our first maintenance session using our newly agreed upon maintenance schedule.

Now, my wife and I have been in a relationship where D/s and DD were part of it since its inception. But its been hard to keep consistent. So its been on again, off again.

But now we are on again   This time we are trying something a little differently   We have written out how the maintenance session will go (I will probably write about it later). So today we used that as a script. I think it went well, for the most part (we wont talk too much about the butt plug incident here, but suffice it say that when she asks for a bigger plug that doesn’t mean go fast).

She sends me a daily email when we are not together   We call it her Ddiary, and she has used it to keep me aware of what she did that day.   It has helped her not get lost in her daily tasks and helps her recognize she has actually accomplished a lot when she didn’t realize she had.  Now we are also including any feelings or questions or topics or points she might need clarification about, as well as any confession that might need to be made. If I dont address the things in her Ddiary before the maintenance session, they will be addressed during the maintenance session.

Those of you with children will understand what I am about to write. Today, my youngest son went to work while my daughter went out with a friend, so we figured we had some time to ourselves that being the case, my wife disrobed, in preparation for our maintenance session.  But at that exact moment, my youngest son walked back into the house, followed by my daughter and their friend. So I came out of the bedroom and closed the bedroom door and made small talk with the kids. My wife re-dressed and came out of the bedroom. Then the kids decided to go out to eat lunch together.

So we began again.  This time the kids stayed gone long enough for us to compete the session.  Both of us felt better for it.  We renewed our commitment to each other, to our dynamic. There were three spanking sessions of fifteen swats each (as scripted). It ended with my using her to reenforce our roles.  All in all, it was a good time.






This is my first entry. Someday I hope to make it meaningful. 🙂